Mac Lilley Farms – Sept 2017

By Photo Guild, September 16, 2017

The members of the St. Thomas Photographic Guild were invited to the Mac Lilley Farms for a BBQ and a night photo shoot.  Sixteen members joined the Lilley family for a great evening consisting of a wonderful pot luck supper, photographing the horses at sunset and later photographing the night sky.  Our gracious host, Ruleen Lilley, had a wonderful spot out under the huge weeping willow.  We all sat and enjoyed the BBQ and relaxed, chatting about photography and how wonderful it was that we were able to come out to the farm to photograph the horses and have a great spot to shoot the stars.  It was a very successful night shoot and the club thanks Ruleen and Mac Lilley Farms for the invite to their beautiful horse farm.

Jude Layfield

Kayla Gillis

Hannah Gillis

Laura Gillis

Jim Kirkwood

Claudia Hepburn

John Harbaruk

Sharon Harbaruk

Melissa Duesling