Port Bruce – January 7 2018

By Photo Guild, January 7, 2018

Well, another cold day for photography!  Only 5 members of the Club braved the frigged weather at Port Bruce on Sunday morning!  It really wasn’t for the faint of heart!  John and Sharon arrived first and discovered a very cold wind that cut to the bone.  Despite it, they stayed to take pictures of the predawn and sunrise.  Jude Layfield soon appeared after making a few quick stops at the top of the Port Bruce Hill.  The sunrise was too much to let go by!   After just about 15 minutes the sun had rose and we headed for the warmth of the car!  At that time Laura and Gene Gillis appeared and headed for the lighthouse!  John, Sharon and Jude headed for breakfast and some warmth!  Despite the cold we managed to get some nice photos of the amazing sunrise!

Jude Layfield

John Harbaruk

Sharon Harbaruk